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[VID]1. Installing Metasploitable As a Virtual Machine.mp42023-09-11 08:31 101M 
[VID]2. Introduction.mp42023-09-11 08:31 63M 
[VID]3. Basic Information Gathering & Exploitation.mp42023-09-11 08:31 93M 
[VID]4. Using a Basic Metasploit Exploit.mp42023-09-11 08:31 81M 
[VID]5. Exploiting a Code Execution Vulnerability.mp42023-09-11 08:31 76M 
[VID]6. MSFC - Installing MSFC (Metasploit Community).mp42023-09-11 08:31 44M 
[VID]7. MSFC - Scanning Target(s) For Vulnerabilities.mp42023-09-11 08:31 51M 
[VID]8. MSFC - Analysing Scan results & Exploiting Target System.mp42023-09-11 08:31 130M 
[VID]9. Nexpose - Installing Nexpose.mp42023-09-11 08:31 120M 
[VID]10. Nexpose - How To Configure & Launch a Scan.mp42023-09-11 08:31 62M 
[VID]11. Nexpose - Analysing Scan Results & Generating Reports.mp42023-09-11 08:31 79M 

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