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[VID]1. Introduction.mp42023-09-11 08:30 49M 
[VID]2. Maltego Basics.mp42023-09-11 08:30 71M 
[VID]3. Discovering Websites, Links & Social Networking Accounts Associated With Target.mp42023-09-11 08:30 23M 
[VID]4. Discovering Twitter Friends & Associated Accounts.mp42023-09-11 08:30 15M 
[VID]5. Discovering Emails Of The Target's Friends.mp42023-09-11 08:30 13M 
[VID]6. Analysing The Gathered Info & Building An Attack Strategy.mp42023-09-11 08:30 26M 
[VID]7. Backdooring Any File Type (images, pdf's ...etc).mp42023-09-11 08:30 13M 
[VID]8. Compiling & Changing Trojan's Icon.mp42023-09-11 08:30 16M 
[VID]9. Spoofing .exe Extension To Any Extension (jpg, pdf ...etc).mp42023-09-11 08:30 19M 
[VID]10. Spoofing Emails - Setting Up am SMTP Server.mp42023-09-11 08:30 86M 
[VID]11. Email Spoofing - Sending Emails as Any Email Account.mp42023-09-11 08:30 139M 
[VID]12. BeEF Overview & Basic Hook Method.mp42023-09-11 08:30 93M 
[VID]13. BeEF - Hooking Targets Using Bettercap.mp42023-09-11 08:30 86M 
[VID]14. BeEF - Running Basic Commands On Target.mp42023-09-11 08:30 46M 
[VID]15. BeEF - Stealing CredentialsPasswords Using A Fake Login Prompt.mp42023-09-11 08:30 27M 
[VID]16. BeEF - Gaining Full Control Over Windows Target.mp42023-09-11 08:30 37M 
[VID]17. Detecting Trojans Manually.mp42023-09-11 08:30 81M 
[VID]18. Detecting Trojans Using a Sandbox.mp42023-09-11 08:30 44M 

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