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[VID]1. Gathering Basic Information Using Whois Lookup.mp42023-09-11 08:31 77M 
[VID]2. Discovering Technologies Used On The Website.mp42023-09-11 08:31 76M 
[VID]3. Gathering Comprehensive DNS Information.mp42023-09-11 08:31 106M 
[VID]4. Discovering Websites On The Same Server.mp42023-09-11 08:31 49M 
[VID]5. Discovering Subdomains.mp42023-09-11 08:31 55M 
[VID]6. Discovering Sensitive Files.mp42023-09-11 08:31 72M 
[VID]7. Analysing Discovered Files.mp42023-09-11 08:31 33M 

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