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[VID]50 - Introduction.mp42023-09-11 08:30 55M 
[VID]51 - Hacking Mac OS X Using A Meterpreter Backdoor.mp42023-09-11 08:30 209M 
[VID]52 - Hacking Mac OS X Using An Empire Stager.mp42023-09-11 08:30 28M 
[VID]53 - Converting Basic Backdoor To An Executable.mp42023-09-11 08:30 33M 
[VID]54 - Embedding A Normal File With Backdoor.mp42023-09-11 08:30 135M 
[VID]55 - Generating a Basic Trojan For Max OS X.mp42023-09-11 08:30 115M 
[VID]56 - Changing Trojans Icon.mp42023-09-11 08:30 61M 
[VID]57 - Configuring The Trojan To Run Silently.mp42023-09-11 08:30 125M 
[VID]58 - Embedding Backdoor In A Legitimate Microsoft Office Document.mp42023-09-11 08:30 22M 

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